Rare Earth

Rare earth elements/metals are a collection of elements in the periodic that include the fifteen lanthanoids among others with similar chemical properties.  These materials are found in relatively high concentrations in the earth’s crust, but are more difficult to mine and extract in comparison to transition metals.  Separation of these elements is difficult due to the elements having similar chemical properties.  Rare earth metals have a variety of uses; rare earth ions are used as the active ions in luminescent materials used in optoelectronics applications and phosphors with rare earth dopants are also widely used in cathode ray tube technology for example.

Cerium Acetate
Cerium Ammonium Nitrate
Cerium Carbonate
Cerium Chloride
Cerium Hydroxide
Cerium Metal
Cerium Nitrate
Cerium Oxalate
Cerium Oxide
Cerium Zirconium Oxides
Cerium Fluoride
Cerium Sulphate
Cerium Polishing Powder
Dysprosium Fluoride
Dysprosium Metal
Dysprosium Iron Alloy
Dysprosium Oxide
Erbium Metal
Erbium Oxide
Europium Nitrate
Europium Oxalate
Europium Oxide
Europium Metal
Gadolinium Metal
Gadolinium Nitrate
Gadolinium Oxide
Gadolinium Cerium Oxide
Holmium Oxide
Holmium Metal
Lanthanum Acetate
Lanthanum Carbonate
Lanthanum Hydroxide
Lanthanum Nitrate
Lanthanum Metal
Lanthanum Oxide
Lanthanum Fluoride
Lanthanum Nickel Alloy
Lutetium Metal
Lutetium Oxide
Molybdenum Oxide
Molybdenum Metal Powder
Neodymium Aluminum Alloy
Neodymium Carbonate
Neodymium Chloride
Neodymium Fluoride
Neodymium Iron Alloy
Neodymium Metal
Neodymium Nitrate
Neodymium Oxalate
Neodymium Oxide
Neodymium Hydroxide
Neodymium Sulphate
Niobium Pentoxide
Praseodymium Carbonate
Praseodymium Metal
Praseodymium Oxalate
Praseodymium Oxide
Praseodymium Nitrate
Samarium Carbonate
Samarium Metal
Samarium Oxide
Terbium Metal
Terbium Nitrate
Terbium Oxide
Thulium Oxide
Thulium Metal
Ytterbium Carbonate
Ytterbium Oxide
Ytterbium Metal
Yttrium Carbonate
Yttrium Chloride
Yttrium Metal
Yttrium Nitrate Crystal
Yttrium Oxide
Yttrium Stabilized Zirconium
Yttrium Aluminum Alloy
Tantalum Metal
Tantalum Pentoxide
Zirconium Carbonate
Zirconium Oxide
Zirconium Hydroxide
Cerium Mischmetal
Cerium Rich Mischmetal
La Rich Mischmetal
Mixed Rare Earth Carbonate
Mixed Rare Earth Chloride
Mixed Rare Earth Oxide
Mixed Rare Earth Fluoride
La-Rich Rare Earth Chloride
La-Rich Rare Earth Carbonate
Rare Earth Dried
Rare Earth Concentrate
Calcium Aluminum Alloy
Calcium Metal
Calcium Metal Granule
Calcium Silicide
Caesium Carbonate
Gallium Oxide
Germanium Dioxide
Lithium Carbonate
Magnesium Ingot
Scandium Metal
Scandium Aluminum
Scandium Oxide
Titanium Oxide
Rubidium Carbonate
Rubidium Hydroxide
Rubidium Iodide
Rubidium Chloride

Cerium Oxide

Lanthanum Metal

Neodymium Metal

Praseodymium Carbonate

Main Applications
Electronic Components
- Luminescent materials used in optoelectronics
- Lasers
- Mobile phones
- Cathode ray tubes
Glass Applications
- Polishing Agents
- Fiber optics
- Colorants (coloring and decoloring)