Titanium Metal

Titanium Sponge is the product gained through the application of the Kroll process on raw titanium ore. Depending on the application of this process, differing purities of titanium sponge can be obtained. The resulting impurities in the sponge usually include iron, chloride, magnesium, silicon, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Titanium Sponge Bar Billet
Bloom Casting Fitting
Ingot Pipe Plate
Sheet Tubing Wire

Titanium Sponge

Titanium Bar

Titanium Billet

Titanium Wire

Main Applications
- Airframe structural material
- Jet engine parts
- Rocket parts
- Fuel tank
Medical care
- Artificial bone
- Dental implant
- Prosthesis
- Microsurgery
Consumer goods
- Golf clubs
- Tennis rackets
- Mountaineering goods
- Kitchenware